Monday, October 5, 2009

Howard L Myers' "Lost Calling" (as by Verge Foray): (short story, humor, free): Making of the ultimate diplomat

Quote from short story titled Lost Calling by Howard L MyersSometimes hilarious story of a young genius of a politician - only without ambitions of an office.

Story summary.

Dalton Mirni was picked up by a spaceship, found drifting alone at the edge of human settled worlds. He's in early twenties, was the sole survivor of a mishap in that area when he was 4, & has been raised & trained by super-advanced alien teachers. Only trouble is: he doesn't remember the subject of his training!

But he's just too good at solving very complex human problems...

Fact sheet.

First published: Analog, September 1967.
Rating: A.
Download full text from Baen CD: 3 pages beginning here.
Listed among the stories from John Campbell's Astounding/Analog.
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