Monday, November 16, 2009

Nebula Awards 2009 nominations: Running tally

Link. [via Jason Sanford]

List tells us which stories are currently nominated & how many votes have they got. Nominations have just opened & will be open for months - so this list will likely change drastically in days to come.

Note: Only stories published in the US qualify. And with these publication date constraints:

  1. Published during 2009.
  2. Published during later half of 2008, except that some stories meeting this criterion disqualify.
Caution: My personal experience with Nebula Award nominations during the last couple of years has been very bad: it tends to be mostly "I'll scratch your back, you please do mine" list, & with very few really good stories. May be the best days of Nebula Award are all in remote past & they're running on inertia now; or, hopefully, with change of nomination rules that begin applying from current cycle, they may yet become something worth looking out for. Time will tell.


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