Monday, December 21, 2009

Most important sf writers by decade since 1901

adamosf begins the multi-post listing at Visions of Paradise, with rationale about the choice:

  1. post 1: 1900s (H G Wells); 1910s (Edgar Rice Burroughs, Abraham Merritt); 1920s (E E "doc" Smith, Murray Leinster); & 1930s (Stanley G Weinbaum, & John W Campbell, Jr).
Note: Links on decades above fetch my posts on stories that first appeared in that decade (but decade counted as, e.g., 1910-1919 rather than 1911-1920), & include some of the stories he mentions in his post - sometimes with download links for story text.

PS: I'll link his later posts from above list - provided I remember to look them up:) Hopefully, he will link later ones from above posts - so no harm done even if I forget.

[via SF Signal]

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