Saturday, January 9, 2010

F&SF's monthly online short fiction moves to Suvudu

A while back, F&SF used to post 1 story each month (or was it alternate month?) on their site - the story that stayed online for a while, & then was taken down. These used to be reprints.

They've now made them from current issue, & moved them to Suvudu Free Library - but still the story won't be online forever (so any links to it will break after a couple of months). Currently online is John Langan's "City of the Dog" (download) from January/February 2010 issue.
Update: Oops - I seem to have linked their icon as "download" link! Fixed now.
Update 13 January 2009: I've now read "City of the Dog". Mostly the story of a man's troubled love life - girl he loves also loves another man & he knows it. There is a small sf thread beginning about half way through the text - an underground city of tunnels exists under the city where the story is set - an ancient underground city of dog-like creatures who hunt humans, keep human women, & have a human priest who can turn ordinary humans into these Hounds by doing something to their soul. To me, it was a waste of time.

Note: My Bot SF feed used to pick up these stories from F&SF site. This feed also picks up fiction from Suvudu's fiction feed - so unless the posting method for these stories changes at Suvudu, Bot SF subscribers should continue getting these occasional stories in their inbox (I label them "[limited time]" because they'll soon go offline).

[via Grasping for the Wind]