Saturday, January 16, 2010

Free fiction: Two & a half years worth of Galaxy magazine

Scans of 33 issues in CBR or CBZ format in 11 RAR packs at Crosseyed Cyclops. Actually, useful issues are only 29 - one corrupted CBR with only a few pages & no complete story, two duplicates, & a fourth which is not Galaxy at all but another magazine. Which issue is in which RAR is in list below.

Couple of RAR files give errors during extraction. Set WinRAR's extraction dialog's "Keep broken files" flag on (normally off), & they come.

All issues are edited by H L Gold.

These are big downloads - 150-200MB per RAR; 2-4 magazines in each RAR. And a (human) time consuming affair because each download requires interaction, two downloads cannot be simultaneously running, & server is sometimes overloaded asking you to return later.

The lot includes some very famous stories:

  1. Ray Bradbury's "The Fireman" (February 1951): This is the original story that was later expanded into easier to get & better known novel "Fahrenheit 451".
  2. Isaac Asimov's "The Caves of Steel" (October-December 1953). There are a couple of other novels too in the lot, including Heinlein's "The Puppet Masters".
  3. Frederik Pohl's "The Tunnel Under the World" (January 1955), "The Midas Plague" (April 1954).
  4. Fritz Leiber's "Coming Attraction" (November 1950), "A Bad Day for Sales" (July 1953).
  5. Damon Knight's "To Serve Man" (November 1950)
  6. C M Kornbluth's "The Marching Morons" (April 1951)
  7. James Blish's "Beep" (February 1954)
  8. William Tenn's "Down Among the Dead Men" (June 1954).
Note: These aren't always good choices for a genre newbie, & some probably appealed to an older generation more than they would to younger audiences. But they are all famous & frequently reprinted.

Here is the list of RARs:
  1. "Galaxy 0 rar": April 1951, October 1951, & "G-8 and His Battle Aces, December 1943". April 1951 also appears in RAR#4 & RAR#7; so October 1951 is the only useful issue here.

    Among the authors (in October 1951): Isaac Asimov, Robert A Heinlein.
  2. "Galaxy 1 rar": November 1951, December 1954, & January 1955.

    Among the authors: Robert A Heinlein, Robert Sheckley, Frederik Pohl, Theodore Sturgeon.
  3. "Galaxy 2 rar": May 1955, June 1956, & November 1956.

    Among the authors: Murray Leinster, Mark Clifton, Frederik Pohl, Lester del Rey, Robert Silverberg, Alfred Bester (bits of "The Stars My Destination"!)
  4. "Galaxy 3 rar": October 1950, November 1950, December 1950, & January 1951.

    Among the authors: Clifford D Simak, Theodore Sturgeon, Katherine MacLean, Richard Matheson, Fritz Leiber, Fredric Brown, Isaac Asimov, Anthony Boucher, Damon Knight, James H Schmitz, Ross Rocklynne.
  5. "Galaxy 4 rar": February 1951, March 1951, & April 1951. April 1951 also appears in RAR#0 & RAR#7.

    Among the authors: Ray Bradbury, Lester del Rey, Clifford D Simak, Isaac Asimov, Murray Leinster, Poul Anderson, C M Kornbluth, Fritz Leiber, William Tenn.
  6. "Galaxy 5 rar": December 1951, January 1954, & February 1954. December 1951 issue is corrupt, with most pages missing & no story complete.

    Among the authors: Damon Knight, Gordon R Dickson, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, Jerome Bixby, James Blish, William Tenn, Fredric Brown.
  7. "Galaxy 6 rar": April 1954, June 1954, & July 1954.

    Among the authors: Frederik Pohl, Robert Sheckley, Damon Knight, Michael Shaara, Gordon R Dickson, C M Kornbluth, William Tenn, Clifford D Simak.
  8. "Galaxy 7 rar": April 1951, September 1951, & August 1954. April 1951 also appears in RAR#0 & RAR#4; copy in this RAR has extension ".rar" rather than ".cbr", but renaming it should work.

    Among the authors: Robert A Heinlein, Murray Leinster, Damon Knight, William Tenn, Frederik Pohl, C M Kornbluth.
  9. "Galaxy 8 rar": July 1953, August 1953, & September 1953.

    Among the authors: Clifford D Simak, Michael Shaara, James H Schmitz, C L Moore, Henry Kuttner, Fritz Leiber, Robert Sheckley, Raymond Z Gallun, Mark Clifton.
  10. "Galaxy 9 rar": October 1953, November 1953, December 1953.

    Among the authors: Isaac Asimov, H L Gold, Robert Sheckley, Michael Shaara, Theodore Sturgeon, Fredric Brown.
  11. "Galaxy 10 rar": March 1954, & May 1954.

    Among the authors: Algis Budrys, Theodore Sturgeon.


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