Saturday, March 6, 2010

Douglas Smith's "Radio Nowhere" (short story, love story, free): Manipulating time to ensure his sweetheart didn't die!

Good read, in spite of minor flaws: It's a bit naive story - with a hopeless administration running a big particle accelerator facility. And there is too much swearing.

Story summary.

Liam - a physicist on a university campus, involved in a particle accelerator just being commissioned. Still grieving over his wife, Jackie, who was run over by a car 15 years ago. And Ziggy, a woman in love with him, one he has been friends since longer than Jackie has been dead.

First run of particle accelerator seems to flicker time - now a past point, now now. So he gets hopes of going back to time where Jackie was running into car, & of saving her. In spite of warnings that he might end up really changing the universe.

Eventually, happy ending for all concerned, though not the one Liam was working towards.

Fact sheet.

First published: Mark Leslie (ed)'s Campus Chillls (anthology, 2009).
Download full text from author's website. Alternate link (probably redirects to same).
Rating: B.
Nominated for Prix/Aurora award 2010 in English "short-form" category.