Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prix/Aurora Awards 2010: English "short-form" nominees & winner

Announcement on their English home page (will be overwritten by next announcement - so don't be surprised not to find what I'm linking there if you follow this link a few months down the line). Award is in multiple categories - all categories at the link above.

This is Canadian award - I'm not sure if applicable to fiction originally published in Canada, or fiction published anywhere by Canadian citizens, during 2009.

English "short-form" nominees (5 stories) & winner.

  1. [winner] Eileen Bell's "Pawns Dreaming of Roses"; Women of the Apocalypse, Absolute Xpress: Not read.
  2. Brad Carson's "Here There Be Monsters"; download; Ages of Wonder, DAW: Not read.
  3. Ivan Dorin's "Little Deaths"; Tesseracts Thirteen: Not read.
  4. Douglas Smith's "Radio Nowhere" (B); download link1/link2; Campus Chills; love story: Manipulating time to ensure his sweetheart didn't die!
  5. Robert J Wiersema's "The World More Full of Weeping"; ChiZine Publications: Not read.
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