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David G Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer (Eds)' "Year's Best SF 15" (2010, anthology): Annotated table of contents & review

Cover image of 2010 anthology Years Best SF 15, edited by David G Hartwell and Kathryn CramerKathryn Cramer has posted the ToC of the forthcoming 2010 edition of her annual series, containing the short fiction originally published during 2009.

Table of contents (24 stories, best first, unread last).

Number prefix of an entry (in square brackets) is its position in original ToC order. Download links are included where I'm aware of them. Where I've a separate post on a story, link on story title goes there. For stories I've read, my rating (ABC: A = worth the time, C = don't bother) is in brackets. Links on author, editor, or publisher fetch more matching fiction.
  1. [05] [ff] Nancy Kress' "Exegesis" (A); download; Asimov's, April/May 2009; humor: Today's language, seen from future's eyes.

    Added to my "best of 2009" list.
  2. [01] Vandana Singh's "Infinities": Not read.
  3. [02] Robert Charles Wilson's "This Peaceable Land; or the Unbearable Vision of Harriet Beacher Stowe": Not read.
  4. [03] Yoon Ha Lee's "The Unstrung Zither"; read online: Not read.
  5. [04] Bruce Sterling's "Black Swan": Not read.
  6. [06] Ian Creasey's "Erosion"; Asimov's, October/November 2009: Not read.
  7. [07] Gwyneth Jones' "Collision": Not read.
  8. [08] Gene Wolfe's "Donovan Sent Me": Not read & will not read. Almost all of his fiction goes over my head!
  9. [09] Marissa K Lingen's "The Calculus Plague"; Analog, July/August 2009: Not read.
  10. [10] Peter Watts' "The Island"; read online (no download); Gardner Dozois & Jonathan Strahan (eds)' "The New Space Opera 2": Not read.
  11. [11] [novelette] Paul Cornell's "One of Our Bastards Is Missing"; George Mann's "The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction 3": Not read.
  12. [12] Sarah L Edwards' "Lady of the White-Spired City"; Interzone, #222 (May/June 2009): Not read.
  13. [13] Brian Stableford's "The Highway Code"; read online: Not read.
  14. [14] Peter M Ball's "On the Destruction of Copenhagen by the War Machines of the Merfolk"; download; Strange Horizons, 6 July 2009: Not read.
  15. [15] Alastair Reynolds' "The Fixation": Not read.
  16. [16] Brenda Cooper's "In Our Garden": Not read.
  17. [17] Geoff Ryman's "Blocked"; read online; F&SF, October/November 2009: Not read.
  18. [18] Michael Cassut's "The Last Apostle"; Asimov's, July 2009: Not read.
  19. [19] Charles Oberndorf's "Another Life"; F&SF, October/November 2009: Not read.
  20. [20] Mary Robinette Kowal's "The Consciousness Problem"; Asimov's, August 2009: Not read.
  21. [21] Stephen Baxter's "Tempest 43": Not read.
  22. [22] Genevieve Valentine's "Bespoke"; download; Strange Horizons, 27 July 2009: Not read.
  23. [23] Eric James Stone's "Attitude Adjustment"; Analog, September 2009: Not read.
  24. [24] Chris Roberson's "Edison's Frankenstein"; Postscripts, #20/21: Not read.


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First published: To be published on 25 May 2010.

Legend: ss = short story, ff = flash fiction.

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