Friday, March 20, 2009

Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Awards 2009 ("Prix Aurora Awards"): English short fiction winner & nominees

This is a couple of days old. I've not been finding time to post.

Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association has announced nominees for "2009 Prix Aurora Awards" (why do they use 2 names for the award interchangeably?)
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Update 11 August 2009: Winners announced.

Admissible fiction was originally published during 2008 by Canadian authors.

English short fiction nominees (21 stories, best first, unread last).

  1. Peter Atwood's "All In" (C); download only the story, or whole Weird Tales magazine issue containing it; Weird Tales magazine, May-June 2008: I didn't quite get it.

    A dying man is playing poker at some gambling joint; with this win he buys something. I didn't quite catch what - a boxful of solid carbon dioxide, & some human body parts like individual fingers removed from someone's body, are involved. Somehow, after this trade, he will get some short term respite at hospital.
  2. Susan J Forest's "Back"; Analog, June 2008: Not read.
  3. [winner] Randy McCharles' "Ringing in the Changes in Okotoks Alberta"; Tesseracts Twelve, Edge Science Fiction: Not read.
  4. Douglas Smith's "A Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase by Van Gogh"; Douglas Smith's "Impossibilia" (collection), PS Publishing: Not read.
  5. Douglas Smith's "Doorways"; Postscripts, #17: Not read.
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