Friday, March 19, 2010

Free fiction: A year's worth of "Weird Tales"

Scans in 12 issues in CBR format in 6 RAR files at Crosseyed Cyclops. Two Canadian editions; all others are apparently US editions.

I'd actually downloaded them a couple of months back, but forgot posting.

Note RAR files are generally large - about 150 MB for most files, though a couple of them are smaller. Can be downloading only one file at a time, & must manually download - there is a no-robot verification step. Means some human time will be needed.

  1. "Weird Tales 1 rar": May 1950, November 1952. Among the authors: Robert Bloch.
  2. "Weird Tales 2 rar": October 1936, October 1937. Among the authors: Robert Bloch, C L Moore, Robert E Howard, Henry Kuttner, Arthur Conan Doyle, H P Lovecraft, Edmond Hamilton.
  3. "Weird Tales 3 rar": December 1937, March 1938. Among the authors: Robert Bloch, Edmond Hamilton, Robert E Howard, H P Lovecraft, Jack Williamson, Henry Kuttner.
  4. "Weird Tales 4 rar": July 1938, November 1941. Among the authors: Henry Kuttner, H P Lovecraft, Edmond Hamilton, Clark Ashton Smith, Paul Ernst, Robert Bloch, Robert E Howard.
  5. "Weird Tales 5 rar": September 1945 (Canadian Edition), July 1944. Among the authors: Robert Bloch, P Schuyler Miller, Ray Bradbury, Edmond Hamilton.
  6. "Weird Tales 6 rar": January 1946 (Canadian Edition), May 1947. Among the authors: Edmond Hamilton, Robert Bloch, Eric Frank Russell, Theodore Sturgeon.
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