Thursday, March 18, 2010

Henry Kuttner's "The Spawn of Dagon" (short story, fantasy, free): Saving the Atlantis from sinking!

Sea people, worshippers of the "evil" god "Dagon", once ruled all of earth - back when earth was younger & all watery. As continents arose, sundry land species began dominating the world; every time, the sea people would reclaim earth by sinking the continent!

Now, it's the turn of Atlantis & humans. Only Zend, the dwarf Wizard of Atlantis, with his curious gadget, is standing between the sinking of Atlantis & the human survival.

Gesti, one of the sea people posing as a human, will hire the ruthless killer/robber Elak & his sidekick Lycon, to kill Zend in return for money. And an adventure begins. Through the melee, Elak will switch sides, & ensure that Atlantis survives. And will win a girlfriend, Coryllis, in the process.


  1. While I'd never heard the word "Dagon" till I read this story, a Google search shows it's a well known Biblical legend. Since reading this, I've found at two Dagon stories of H P Lovecraft too; his famous "Cthulhu Mythos" series apparently has roots in Dagon legends.

Fact sheet.

First published: Weird Tales, July 1938.
Download full text.
Rating: B.


  1. Stories of Henry Kuttner.
  2. Kuttner & Moore's hilarious "Hogbens" series of stories too have an Atlantis connection - "grandpaw" is a near immortal from Atlantis where the family probably got their magical powers.
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