Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mark Bould, Andrew M Butler, Adam Roberts, & Sherryl Vint (eds)' "The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction" (2009): Reading lists

This is not a review post. My interest in this book has been primarily for its apparently excellent reading lists. This post will act as anchor for those lists.

While the book does not have any explicit recommended reading lists, each chapter references a lot of stories in its text; just putting them together in a list seems to yield very interesting reading lists of relevant subjects.

Links on chapter titles below lead to reading list compiled from specific chapter (including fiction download links where appropriate). I've already posted 3 lists, & have notes from some other chapters; will have a few more lists coming in days ahead.

The book is divided into 4 parts:
  1. "History" (ch 1 - 18).
  2. "Theory" (ch 19 -32).
  3. "Issues & Challenges" (ch 33-44).
  4. "Subgenres" (ch 45-56).
ToC below lists just chapter names, along with its author (but without reference to part). If there is a link on chapter, it goes to reading list seeded from its text. Links on author yield more works of author.

Refences in the book contain all kinds of stuff - written fiction, movies, ... My lists generally strip everything but written fiction.

Lists are heavy on novels, though there are occasional short fiction entries. This is because of book's bias.

Table of contents.

  1. Adam Roberts' "The Copernican Revolution".
  2. Arthur B Evans' "Ninteenth-Century SF".
  3. John Rieder's "Fiction, 1895-1926".
  4. Brooks Landon's "SF Tourism".
  5. J P Telotte's "Film, 1895-1950".
  6. Farah Mendlesohn's "Fiction, 1926-1949".
  7. Marek Wasielewski's "Golden Age Comics".
  8. Mark Jancovich & Derek Johnston's "Film & Television, The 1950s".
  9. Rob Latham's "Fiction, 1950-1963".
  10. Peter Wright's "Film & Television, 1960-1980".
  11. Helen Merrick's "Fiction, 1964-1979".
  12. Sharalyn Orbaugh's "Manga & Anime".
  13. Jim Casey's "Silver Age Comics".
  14. Sean Redmond's "Film Since 1980".
  15. Lincoln Geraghty's "Television Since 1980".
  16. Michael Levy's "Fiction, 1980-1992".
  17. Abraham Kawa's "Comics Since the Silver Age".
  18. Paul Kincaid's "Fiction Since 1992".
  19. Isiah Lavender III's "Critical Race Theory".
  20. Lisa Yaszek's "Cultural History".
  21. Robin Anne Reid's "Fan Studies".
  22. Jane Donawerth's "Feminisms".
  23. Mark Bould's "Language & Linguistics".
  24. William J Burling's "Marxism".
  25. Paul Williams' "Nuclear Criticism".
  26. Michelle Reid's "Postcolonialism".
  27. Veronica Hollinger's "Posthumanism & Cyborg Theory".
  28. Darren Jorgensen's "Postmodernism".
  29. Andrew M Butler's "Psychoanalysis "
  30. Wendy Gay Pearson's "Queer Theory".
  31. Alcena Madeline Davis Rogan's "Utopean Studies".
  32. Thomas Foster's "Virtuality".
  33. Joan Gordon's "Animal Studies".
  34. Piers D Britton's "Design for Screen SF".
  35. Tanya Krzywinska & Esther MacCallum-Stewart's "Digital Games".
  36. Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr's "Empire".
  37. Patrick D Murphy's "Environmentalism".
  38. Neil Easterbrook's "Ethics & Alterity".
  39. Ken MacLeod's "Music".
  40. Roger Luckhurst's "Pseudoscience".
  41. Sherryl Vint's "Science Studies".
  42. James Kneale's "Space".
  43. Matt Hills' "Time, Possible Worlds, & Counterfactuals".
  44. Joe Sutliff Sanders' "Young Adult SF".
  45. Karen Hellekson's "Alternate History".
  46. Aris Mousoutzanis' "Apocalyptic SF".
  47. Stacey Abbott's "Arthouse SF Film".
  48. Stacey Abbott's "Blockbuster SF Film".
  49. Graham J Murphy's "Dystopia".
  50. Graham J Murphy's "Eutopia".
  51. Gwyneth Jones' "Feminist SF".
  52. Andy Sawyer's "Future History".
  53. David N Samuelson's "Hard SF".
  54. Victoria De Zwaan's "Slipstream".
  55. Andy Sawyer's "Space Opera".
  56. China Mieville's "Weird Fiction".
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