Monday, May 24, 2010

New at Project Gutenberg (23 May 2010)

Links on author, publisher, or year fetch more matching fiction.

  1. Geoff St Reynard's "The Giants From Outer Space"; download; Imagination, May 1954: "Grim terror lurked in the void many light years from Earth. But Pinkham and his men were unaware of it--until suddenly they discovered--The Giants From Outer Space".
  2. Fox B Holden's "A Gift For Terra"; download; If, September 1954: 'The good Martian Samaritans rescued Johnny Love and offered him "the stars". Now, maybe, Johnny didn't look closely enough into the "gift horse's" mouth, but there were others who did ... and found therein the answer to life...'
  3. Edmond Hamilton's "The Legion of Lazarus"; download; Imagination, April 1956: "Being expelled from an air lock into deep space was the legal method of execution. But it was also the only way a man could qualify for--The Legion Of Lazarus".
  4. G L Vandenburg's "Moon Glow"; download; Amazing Stories, November 1958: "That first trip to the moon has been the subject of many stories. Mr. Vandenburg has come up with as novel a twist as we've ever read. And it could happen."
Also, at Internet Archive today: Benjamin Lumley's utopian novel, "Another world; or, Fragments from the star city of Montalluyah" (as by Hermes) (1873).

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