Sunday, May 9, 2010

New at Project Gutenberg (8 May 2010)

Of late, Project Gutenberg has been adding short fiction from old magazines rather regularly. Only problem is - their feed contains little information to isolate genre stories from other stuff. Sometimes, even opening the linked page is not enough; I need to open the actual content page to be sure. Occasionally, I miss it altogether but find the stuff when reconciling links from other sources.

In fact, during my daily troll of various feeds, Project Gutenberg is where I seem to be recently spending most time. I'm not sure I've motivation to make this is a regular feature, but here is today's haul (sorted by publication date):

  1. Elisabeth R Lewis' "Know Thy Neighbor"; download; Galaxy, February 1953.
  2. Patrick Wilkins' "For Every Man A Reason"; download; If, November 1954.
  3. Vernon L McCain's "The Hitch Hikers"; download; If, Novemner 1954.
  4. Clyde Brown's "First Man"; download; Galaxy, April 1958.
  5. Charles A Stearns' "Pastoral Affair"; download; Galaxy, February 1959.
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