Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bud Webster's tribute to Hal Clement

At Grantville Gazette.

Article itself is undated, but I think it's relatively new; Webster's series was to move to GG after JBU shut shop last month.

He spends quite some time on "Mission of Gravity", perhaps the best known work of Clement. But he doesn't even mention my favorite Clement short fiction, from among the 2 dozen odd I've read: "Dust Rag", "Longline", & "Bulge" - among the coolest science fiction you'll ever see by anyone (assuming you're Clement type reader).

For less than well known fiction publishers: he has an interesting anecdote regarding "Half Life" about how to get the best talent writing for you.
PS: Last week has seen some reporting of new speculation about possibility of life on Titan, based presumably on new data. "Half-Life" is precisely about that - looking for "pre-life" on Titan.

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Bud Webster said...

Yep, brand new, my first for the GAZETTE. The next subject will be Stanley G. Weinbaum.

Tinkoo said...

I haven't read much Weinbaum - only "Parasite Planet" & "A Martian Odyssey'.