Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Clarkesworld", #45 (June 2010) (magazine, free) (ed Sean Wallace)

Cover image of Clarkesworld magazine, number 45, June 2010 issue
Two stories, neither particularly remarkable but both better reads than the last dozen 2010 stories I've read.
  1. Nina Kiriki Hoffman's "Futures in the Memories Market" (B); download text/audio: A recording device like in Arthur Clarke's "Patent Pending" - record your entire experience, not just audio & video; sell it in units like DVDs, so anyone can play back the experience.
    Clarke's version focuses on the device & how to sell it, including producing porn content for it. Hoffman's focuses on emotional issues - recording device not only transfers your experience to external media, but wipes out corresponding memories from your brain - leaving you less than you were.

    This is the story of a young woman conned into a slavery-like contract with a corporation that trades in her experiences.
  2. Brenda Cooper's "My Father's Singularity" (B); download: A man's relationship with his father as both of them grow older, old enough where senility has set in for father.
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