Saturday, June 5, 2010

New at Project Gutenberg (5 June 2010)

Links on author, publisher, or year fetch more matching fiction.

  1. Chester S Geier's "Cold Ghost"; download; Amazing Stories, November 1948: "All Hager had to do was slow the dogsled to a walk, and his partner died. A perfect crime--no chance to get caught!"
  2. Knut Enferd's "Day of the Druid"; download; Amazing Stories, November 1948: "Be'al, all-powerful god, drank the blood of his victims. Would Gaar be able to save Marna, whom Be'al kept in eternal sleep, and avenge her people?"
  3. Alfred Coppel's "The Invader"; download; Imagination, February 1953: "Invading Earth was going to be a cinch, the Triomed scout decided. But to make certain he must study its inhabitants--as one of them!"
  4. George H Smith's "The Ordeal of Colonel Johns"; download; If, June 1954: "Colonel Johns, that famous Revolutionary War hero, had the unique--and painful--experience of meeting his great-great-great-great granddaughter. Now maybe you can't change history, but what's there to prevent a soldier from changing his mind about the gal he is going to marry?"
  5. Raymond F Jones' "The Colonists"; download; If, June 1954: 'If historical precedent be wrong--what qualities, then, must man possess to successfully colonize new worlds? Doctor Ashby said: "There is no piece of data you cannot find, provided you can devise the proper experimental procedure for turning it up." Now--about the man and the procedure...'
  6. Robert Moore Williams' "The Next Time We Die"; download; Amazing Stories, February 1957: "We journey to far places, driven on by ideals. We fight for lost causes, sacrificing our lives because the things we fight for seem worthwhile. But are we right? Are they worth being killed over? Perhaps. Then again, maybe we'll know better--The Next Time We Die".
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