Friday, June 18, 2010

New at Project Gutenberg (18 June 2010)

Links on author, publisher, or year fetch more matching fiction.

  1. [novel] Jean Ingelow's "Mopsa the Fairy"; download; 1919.
  2. C L Moore's "The Tree of Life"; download; Weird Tales, October 1936: "A gripping tale of the planet Mars and the terrible monstrosity that called its victims to it from afar--a tale of Northwest Smith".
  3. H B Hickey's "Beyond The Thunder"; download; Amazing Stories, December 1948: "What was this blinding force that came out of a hole in the sky, and was powerful enough to destroy an entire city? Case thought he knew..."
  4. Paul Orban and Con Pederson's "The Genius"; download; If, May 1954: "Sethos was a great artist, a talented man, quite possibly the most famous man of his time and world. But, alas!--there were other worlds. And is not the grass always greener...?"
  5. Richard Stockham's "Perchance to Dream"; download; If, May 1954: "If you wish to escape, if you would go to faraway places, then go to sleep and dream. For sometimes that is the only way..."
  6. William Douglas Morrison's "Bedside Manner"; download; Galaxy, May 1954: "Broken, helpless, she had to trust an alien doctor to give her back her body and mind--a doctor who had never seen a human before!"

    While I've not read this story, plot sounds a lot like Arthur Clarke's "Playback".
  7. Alan Cogan's "In the Cards"; download; Galaxy, June 1956: "It is one thing to safeguard the future ... and something else entirely to see someone you love cry in terror two years from now!"
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