Saturday, June 19, 2010

New at Project Gutenberg (19 June 2010)

Links on author, publisher, or year fetch more matching fiction.

  1. P F Costello's "Death Makes A Mistake"; download; Amazing Stories, January 1943: "Mr Demise had Reggie Van Fiddler's name in his book, but Reggie didn't want to be on any list, so he set out to correct the mistake!"
  2. E J Liston's "Castle of Terror"; download; Amazing Stories, November 1948: "What strange dimension was this where giants, gangsters, Lucretia Borgia, dwarfs and Rip Van Winkle lived at the same time?"
  3. Richard Stockham's "Circle of Flight"; download; If, May 1953.
  4. Robert E Gilbert's "Thy Rocks and Rills"; download; If, September 1953: "They were out of place in the Manly Age--Stonecypher, a man who loved animals; Moe, a bull who hated men. Together, they marched to inevitably similar destinies..."
    This has been at BaenCD & Webscription a long time, as part of the anthology "The World Turned Upside Down". I don't think I liked the story, & I don't recollect many details; very brief summary is included in my anthology post.
  5. Henry M Stanley's "My Dark Companions And Their Strange Stories"; download; unknown year of original publication: This looks like a "people telling stories around a campfire" type of thing. I'm not sure whether it's best seen as a short story collection or novel. A cursory glance does suggest it's genre.
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