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"Thrilling Wonder Stories", Vol 8 No 2 (October 1936) (ed Mort Weisinger): Annotated table of contents

Cover image of Thrilling Wonder Stories magazine, October 1936 issue. It shows the climax of the story Man-Jewels for Xothar by Hal K Wells - an earthman against an invader from outer galaxies.
This magazine's scans in CBR format are online at Crosseyed Cyclops.
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Table of contents. 

Links on author fetch more fiction by author.

  1. [novelette] Ray Cummings' "Shadow Gold": "Johnny Hall boards the Transition Express for Bhana, the city beyond space, where treasure is cheap as dirt & enemies lust for power!"
  2. [novelette] Hal K Wells' "Man-Jewels for Xothar": "Giant worm-beings from beyond the solar system descend to earth, armed with death!"
  3. [novelette] Ralph Milne Farley's "Liquid Life": "Bio-chemical science discovers an amazing alien being that thinks, talks--and destroys!"
  4. [novelette] Arthur J Burks' "Dictator of the Atoms": "A fiendish wizard straitjackets the forces of science to wreck a cosmic catastrophe!"
  5. [ss] Edmond Hamilton's "Cosmic Quest": "To save a race from destruction, a star-roving explorer speeds through a boundless universe!"
  6. [ss] Abraham Merritt's "Rhythm of the Spheres": "A world where robots reign--and the last poet strikes out for freedom!"
  7. [ss] Paul Ernst's "The Microscopic Giants": "Men go forty thousand feet below the surface to find copper--and battle with the scurrying, Lilliputian denizens of a strange land of atomic compression!"
  8. [ss] D L James' "Crystals of Madness": "Humanity is menaced by an insidious, sentient life-force on the satellite Deimos!"

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