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"Galaxy Science Fiction", Vol 3 No 2 (November 1951) (ed H L Gold) (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover image of Galaxy Science Fiction magazine, November 1951 issue.Scans of this magazine in CBR format are online as part of a larger package.

Table of Contents.

Links on author fetch more fiction by author.
  1. [novelet] Frank Quattrocchi's "Sea Legs": "Rootless & footloose, a man in space can't help but dream of coming home. But something nobody should do is be on the validity of a homesick dream!"
  2. [novelet] Bernard Wolfe's "Self Portrait": "In the credo of this inspiringly selfless cyberneticist, nothing was too good for his colleagues in science. Much too good for them."
  3. Alan E Nourse's "Tiger by the Tail": Where do objects go when they vanish & can never be found again? Well, here's one answer you can't disprove!"
  4. Ann Griffith's "Zeritsky's Law": "Why bother building a time machine when there's something much easier to find right in your own kitchen?"
  5. Lloyd Williams' "Psychotennis, Anyone?": "If scientific advance changes our forms of courtship, can other sports be far behind? Not when telekinesis is finally perfected!"
  6. [novel serial - part 3/3] Robert A Heinlein's "The Puppet Masters": "Beaten in every battle with the ghastly invaders, man has one single weapon left - his mind! But will that prove enough?"


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