Friday, September 16, 2011

"Startling Stories", April 1953 (ed Samuel Mines) (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover image by EMSH of Startling Storiesmagazine, April 1953 issueScans of the magazine are online in CBR format.

Table of contents.

  1. [novel] Kendell Foster Crossen's "Halos, Inc": "It was pretty difficult to fall for a girl on a planet with light gravity - but Jerry Ransom was willing to attempt it!"

    I've not read this story, but description sounds like Arthur Clarke's "Cosmic Casanova".
  2. [novelet] Ross Rocklynne's "Fulfillment": "They accused him of being asleep, Jig had to prove that only a sleeping man can have the conviction of his dreams!"
  3. [ss] Robert Sherman Townes' "Earth is the Evening Star": "They got a key to the dead city from a race no longer there".
  4. [ss] Robert Donald Locke's "Threshold": "He knew that some day he would leave the earth of his youth".
  5. [ss] Sam Merwin, Jr's "Distortion Pattern": "She was the boss's secretary, but sat in the lap of the gods".
  6. [ss] Leslie Bigelow's "Clockwork": "Was the professor a prophet - or, perhaps, was he a demon?"
  7. [ss] Peter Phillips' "Lila": "He simply had to stop the girl from asking so many questions".
  8. [ss] Richard Barr & Wallace West's "Rubberneck": "They were on a pleasure jaunt to a primitive town, New York".

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