Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Murray Leinster's "The Extra Intelligence" (short story, body snatching, free): Something evil is looking for a brain it can take control of

Illustration accompanying the original publication in Argosy magazine of short story The Extra Intelligence by Murray Leinster. Image shows a man and a woman trying to revive the recently dead mad scientists who hoped to be super smart on revival.
A mad scientist has discovered a way to revive the dead, & is about to try his experiment on a dog, with the help of a friend & a woman assistant. A friend who has built a machine to measure, quantitatively, how conscious a thing is - where the thing could be any animal or plant!

They not only are successful in reviving the dog, for a short while, but the revived dog is behaving as if it's very smart - smarter than a man, in fact. But the woman assistant has observed something the men didn't - dog's intelligence is probably not dog's own...

Mad scientist will later try the procedure on himself, in the hope that he will become an intellectual superman - kill himself & set up the circumstances so friend is forced to try reviving him. Only the woman's theory is right...

Fact sheet.

First published: Argosy Weekly, 30 November 1935.
Download full text as part of the scans of the magazine it originally appeared in, or read online at UNZ (UNZ site seems to have some way to download pdf too but I could not get it to work).
Rating: B.
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