Saturday, January 5, 2013

John G Hemry's "The Sergeant-Major" (shortstory, satire): When British trumped over a Martian tripod

Actually, the story has a much longer title:  "The War of the Worlds, Book One, Chapter 18: The Sergeant-Major".

It's a military satire. And a fanfic - being an episode from "The War of the Worlds" (download) that Mr H G Wells failed to write. Because it's completely opposite the running theme of Wells' classic - British easily trumping over the Martian invaders (in Wells book, you get the impression it's humanity vs Martians, even though it happens in

One of the alien tripods heads towards a garrison of colonial Britain in India, so Sergeant-Major Richardson & a few soldiers are sent to take care of it.

Fact sheet.

First published: Analog, January/February 2013.
Rating: A.
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