Monday, August 11, 2008

20 online stories from old magazines - Amazing Stories, Planet Stories, & Thrilling Wonder Stories

Inspired by QuasarDragon, I ended up exploring PulpGen - a site specializing in scans of pulp magazines from first half of 20th century - mostly US magazines, a few from UK & Canada. Stories get posted as PDF files.

They don't have a feed, & stories are from a lot of genres - including scifi. Browsing is time consuming; also no search, though I think Google can be used.

Here is a bunch that looks promising that I found during my browsing (I haven't read any yet). You need to scroll down to this relevant magazine's section first on the linked page. Most links include a short description of story.
  1. 7 from Amazing Stories magazine.
  2. 7 from Planet Stories magazine.
  3. 6 from Thrilling Wonder Stories magazine.