Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Vicky Donor" (movie, Hindi): On some implications of sperm donation

Cover poster of 2012 Hindi movie, Vicky Donor
I accidentally ended up watching it on TV today - movie was just starting when I switched on, but I somehow missed the title. And I liked it enough to sit through the whole movie - a rare thing for me on TV. Later, a Google search for "Hindi movie sperm donor" revealed the name of the movie.

While none of the reviews I just checked call it a science fiction film, where else does a movie primarily about sperm donation go? OK - there is comedy & romance here, but the theme of sperm donation permeates the movie, though without ever coming in the way of the story.

Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam, Annu Kapoor.
Director: Shoojith Sircar.
Released: 2012.


Arvind Mishra said...

An excellent 5 star movie but not SF. But why all good things on the earth necessarily be an sf?

Tinkoo said...

Why not sf? Are special effects & aliens necessary for a movie to be sf?

Arvind Mishra said...

I have an exclusive definition of Sf -the technology which is in contemporary use/usage can not form the basis of a science fiction story.
Sperm donation /artificial insemination is now an old technique. Now there is nothing fictional about it!

Tinkoo said...

Well, we simply have different definitions of the genre, then. To me, science fiction is fiction that often has any of a number of commonly accepted tropes.

Actually, I think most people have their own personal definitions of the genre & may be the only way to define it for me is to point to a bunch of stories & claim "they're sf according to me."

Joe said...
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