Friday, July 6, 2007

Stories from Strange Horizons

I list the ones I have read in order of publication - most recent first. A listing by quality is also available - where I've posted a separate article on the story.

Science fiction stories are clearly marked.

  1. 5 May 2008: Alan Campbell's "The Gadgey" (B); download; science fiction: When an alien spaceship crashed in England.
  2. 21 & 28 April 2008 (two part serial): A M Dellamonica's "Five Good Things About Meghan Sheedy" (B); download part 1 & part 2; science fiction: Aliens now own earth, though there are some human groups resisting guerrilla-style.
  3. 3 December 2007: N K Jemisin's "The You Train" (C); download: Non-genre. Two girl friends doing the girl talk. One of them - narrator - appears to be a bit maladjusted.
  4. 12 November 2007: Ruthanna Emrys' "Ghosts and Simulations" (C); download: Science fiction. Description of a facility to manage "uploaded consciousness" of clients!
  5. 5 November 2007: Leah Bobet's "Bears"; download: Not read.
  6. 29 October 2007: Sonya Taaffe's "Teinds" (C); download: Non-genre. A woman is grieving the loss of someone loved in a car crash - in the arms of her lover. Narrated by lover.
  7. 22 October 2007: Will McIntosh's "One Paper Airplane Graffito Love Note" (B); download: Fantasy. A doomed loved story.
  8. 15 October 2007: Jason Stoddard's "Making Payments" (C): Science fiction. Hopeless techno-babble.
  9. 8 October 2007: Lavie Tidhar's "The Master" (A): Non-genre. Great prose but weak plot - an author has given up on good things in life. Avoid if you have strong opinions on Israel/Arab conflict, & favor the Arabs.
  10. 1 October 2007: Theodora Goss's "Catherine and the Satyr" (C): Fantasy. A slave gains his freedom.
  11. 24 September 2007: Amy Sisson's "Minghun Unlikely Patron Saints, No 5" (B): Not sf. (Probably) folklore - presented as a ghost story. A woman soon after death is offered salvation while she is in ghost world, but refuses - choosing instead to help aid the salvation of ghosts of young babies that everyone is ignoring. Kind of Mother Teresa of ghost world.
  12. 17 September 2007: Eliot Fintushel's "How the Little Rabbi Grew" (C): Not sf. A religious story with biblical leanings about the coming of a messiah.
  13. 10 September 2007: Helen Keeble's "In Stone" (C): Not sf. You need a great deal of imagination to enjoy this fantasy. Since I lack it, it's not for me. Something to do with some kind of symbiosis between men, mountains, & fire.
  14. 3 September 2007: Katherine Maclaine's "All Kinds of Reasons" (A): Science fiction. Ability to choose the best baby among many possible ones leads to extreme emotional turmoil for a man.
  15. 27 August 2007: Marc Schultz's "Practicing My Sad Face" (B): Science fiction. Terrorist attack has ruined a couple's life.
  16. 20 August 2007: Joanne Merriam's "Little Ambushes" (C): Fantasy. An alien makes a painting for a human lady that reminds her of little ambushes awaiting her at home - in the form of little things, like an unused bag, that remind her of her ex-husband.
  17. 13 August 2007: Leah Bobet's "The Girl From Another World" (C): Fantasy. I cannot even figure of what the story is about!
  18. 6 Aug 2007: Tim Pratt's "Artifice & Intelligence" (B); download: Science fiction. A bored AI creates a worthy adversary - another AI & a villain that is meant to wreck havoc to humanity so original AI can play a game with it to save humans!
  19. 30 July 2007: Leslie Brown's "Wake-Up Call" (B): Fantasy. A woman in coma is living a full life in another parallel universe! Well told story, but for kids.
  20. 23 July 2007: Donna Glee Williams' "Limits" (A): Fantasy. A beautifully told motivational story about discovering limits of your ability without reference to social expectations.
  21. 16 July 2007: R J Astruc's "The Perfume Eater"(C): Fantasy. Good prose but I could not quite get the point of the story - something to do with almost-human mythological creatures from Iranian folklore of medieval times.
  22. 9 July 2007: Caroline Lockwood Nelson's "The Captain Is the Last to Leave" (C): Fantasy. An immortal non-human humanoid woman keeps starting life in human world, & always ends up killing her husband & kids!
  23. 2 July 2007: Jerome Stueart's "Brazos" (B): Fantasy. Matrimonial negotiations of a male god & a female human.
  24. 4 September 2006: Benjamin Rosenbaum's "The House Beyond Your Sky" (C): A complicated religious tale on what is god & where we came from.
  25. 26 June 2006: William Davis' "Waiting on Alexandre Dumas"; download: Not sf. A rich customer visits a restaurant.
  26. 6 September 2004: Ellen Klages' "The Green Glass Sea"; download: Science fiction. A somewhat casual telling of the first atom bomb test.