Sunday, November 2, 2008

Original free fiction feed now tracks some more sources

Recount: Original free fiction bot is a piece of server software that automatically & continuously tracks (currently) 75 publishers of original free fiction on web, & delivers their stories, episodes & new issue notifications to inbox via feed.

Note: I hope to fill up counts before this post goes live later in the day. I you find "[?]" instead of counts, it means I didn't get time to do this & will fill them up when I find some time! Sorry.
During the 14 day period 19 October - 1 November 2008, this feed picked up [?] unique short stories, [?] audio short story, [?] magazine new issue announcements, [?] episodes of serialized novels, & [?] comic strips. I've dropped the flood of duplicate comic strips of "Order of the Stick" & "Erfword" due to a bug during last week from this count.

New sources added to watch list this fortnight.

  1. Pyr Books: On short story a month, usually first of the month. [via Free SF Reader]
  2. Chris Eliopoulos' "Misery Loves Sherman": "A web comic strip, a boy, and some aliens". New strip most days. [via The Mighty Mighty MOC-BLOG]
  3. For more than 2 dozen magazines that I cannot currently handle because they don't have a feed or because the feed is not program friendly, I now watch for new issue announcements via SF Scope. Every now & then, good folks at SF Scope put out one of these announcements - so I won't be chasing them now.

    Not this will not catch Abyss & Apex new issue announcement that appeared a few days ago at SF Scope because of 3 day rule; I added this watch only today.
  4. Marvel comics' recently announced "daily MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD comic strips". I mark them "[young audience]". [via ComicMix]


  1. Both added, & then deleted, the watch for two comic strips from Giant in the Playground Games: "Order of the Stick" & "Erfword". Too many problems with the feed - and I don't have patience to track all that is wrong & fix up. My apologies for flood of its entries, including a lot of duplicates, over several days last week.
  2. ChiZine: Now marked "[horror]" rather than "[maybe horror]". [Blue Tyson clarifies]. Rich Horton calls it "horror or dark fantasy."
  3. The Bearded Lady content is now marked "[fantasy]".
  4. Neil Beynon's site also delivers Friday flash fiction of Greg O'Byrne. I was labeling all as if it was Beynon's original. I now correctly label Greg's.

    On second thoughts, may be I should drop Greg's stories from this source; am anyway picking them up from Greg's site. But that will have to wait next source update.
  5. Weird Tales: I can now sometimes pick up a few more stories.
  6. "A Softer World" comic strip: In a specific case (On 23rd, "A Softer World: 365" was spam), a post containing a spammy link was picked up; this will now be avoided by a stronger filter.

    I now also mark these strips "[limited time]" because strips don't have their own URL. By the time new strip arrives, link of older ones won't work - though they probably still exist in their archives.
  7. Aberrant Dreams: In addition to new issue announcements I was monitoring so far, I can also sometimes pick up podcast short story announcements now.

Related news.

  1. MindFlights magazine: "Science fiction & fantasy". No feed. But I do watch their new issue announcements via SF Scope - in case they pick it up. [via QuasarDragon].


Bot SF magazine feed mixes this original free fiction feed with reprints free fiction feed, misc free fiction feed, & featured posts feed - so picks up much more fiction.