Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free fiction: Some short fiction by famous authors

  1. C L Moore's "Song in a Minor Key"; download: One of the early Moore stories, & part of the interplanetary adventure series featuring the macho man Northwest Smith. I'm not as much a fan of NWS series as some others are.
  2. Theodore Sturgeon's "The Man Who Lost the Sea" (C); download; F&SF, October 1959: An apparently pioneer vehicle to Mars has crashed there, exposing its apparently lone human crew to lethal radiation doses from ship's atomic plant.

    Story is mostly the ramblings of this dying man in his delirium.
  3. A Bertram Chandler's "Last Day" (download), "Naval Engagement" aka "Left-Hand Way" (download), "Reaping Time" (download), "Two Can Play" (download), & "UFO" (download). Sidebar for each of these links shows a few more Chandler stories, but I'm not able to get their URL (they run JavaScript to generate links, but its JS doesn't run in my Firefox).
[via QuasarDragon & Free SF Reader]