Thursday, July 30, 2009

James P Hogan's "Murphy's War" (novelette, humor, free): When computer hackers rendered a nuclear war harmless!

Illustration accompanying an online copy at Webscription of the short story titled Murphys War by James P HoganUS & China have began the process of launching nuclear bomb armed missiles at each other over a silly & minor tiff. Then things begin to go wrong ... er, right! ... in a hilarious & very familiar way...


  1. Fun really begins about half way through, in the US war room scene.
  2. Early parts will likely be more accessible to US readers; but it gets internationally accessible soon enough.
  3. Links above on country fetch more stories set in that country.

See also.

  1. Arthur Clarke's "The Pacifist" (1956): Another funny story of a naughty computer, but ... in a different way.

Fact sheet.

First published: Jim Baen's Universe, #8 (August 2007).
Rating: A.
Download full text from Webscription: Link1, or Link2.
Added to my "best of the year 2007" list.
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