Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rich Horton's "best of 2009" recommendations from "Jim Baen's Universe"

Actually, his post talks of many stories, but I read only two real recommendations here:

  1. John Barnes' "Things Undone"; download; December 2009: 'a very long novelette (over 17,000) words, and a stunning one. about an aristocrat (of sorts) and his partner who have a job trying to minimize the effects on history of time travelers. In the end it’s very moving, very involving -- I was reminded of one of my favorite time travel stories of all time, John Brunner’s "The Fullness of Time". Clearly one of the best stories of the year, a definite Hugo contender, and probably the best story Baen's Universe has ever published.'
  2. Naomi Kritzer's "The Good Son"; download; February 2009: "about a faery who comes to our world for the love of a woman, and in so doing creates himself a past and a family -- and learns what it is to be part of a family."
I haven't read either yet. On second thoughts, I might have read Kritzer's story, but cannot recollect much off-hand.


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