Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Free fiction: Scans & HTML of 5 issues of "Thrilling Wonder Stories" - June 1939, December 1940, December 1947, February 1948, & Spring 1945

At Crosseyed Cyclops, as CBR files in 3 numbered RAR packs - #1, 2, 3. Numbers, however, do not tell which issues are inside the pack; my list below does (item 1 is the contents of pack numbered 1, etc).
Note: Sole HTML - December 1947 - is also inside its own CBR file. Just change file's extension to RAR & extract. All other issues are as scans only.

Update, 15 December 2009: An additional CBR file from RAR #2 can be extracted by telling WinRAR to "ignore broken files" during extraction. This yields Spring 1945 issue, with errors - means it might have some pages missing.

  1. December 1947 (scans + HTML) & February 1948. Henry Kuttner & Ray Bradbury are among the authors represented.

    This gave me a lot of trouble downloading - apparently heavy server overload. But it did eventually download.
  2. June 1939, & Spring 1945. Stanley Weinbaum, E E "doc" Smith, Eando Binder, & Jack Williamson are among the authors included.

    Note that this RAR - containing more than one CBR files - is corrupt. Tell WinRAR to "ignore broken files" during extraction, & it will get both files; else it will not get Spring 1945 issue. In either case, it issues errors which I ignored.
  3. December 1940.
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