Thursday, January 15, 2009

F&SF magazine's all time best stories

An ongoing discussion at F&SF forum.

Many familiar ones are mentioned, but list below is of the ones I'd not even heard of (& may now try locating). In many cases, even author names aren't mentioned - so I suppose these must be very famous stories, & Google should be able to easily locate the author.

From Rich Horton.

Links on decade fetch my posts on stories from that period (from all sources - not just F&SF).
  1. 1950s: "5,271,009", "The Man Who Lost the Sea", "... and Now the News".
  2. 1960s: "The Sources of the Nile".
  3. 1970s: "Sooner or Later or Never Never", "And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side", "Ill Met in Lankhmar", "I See You".
  4. 1980s: "Out of All Them Bright Stars", "Rat", "The Autopsy", "In the Western Tradition".
  5. 1990s: "Suicide Coast", "Gone", "Guide Dog".
  6. 2000s: "Magic for Beginners", "Fidelity: A Primer", "Journey Into the Kingdom". He actually spoils this list by adding "Finisterra" - so may be I should look at his recommendations with a bit of skepticism - at least the 2000s!

From Jeff Smith.

"Slow Birds".

From Marc L.

The Hospice by Robert Aickman, Twilla by Tom Reamy, The Rest is Silence by Charles L. Grant, The Mars Ship by Robert Thurston, Cathadonian Odyssey by Michael Bishop, Little Goethe by M. Mendelsohn, A Collector of Ambroses by Arthur Jean Cox.

Updated 16 January 2009: A few more entries:
  1. From Hillro: "The Deathbird" by Harlan Ellison; "The Hertford Manuscript" by Richard Cowper; "Pale Brown Thing" by Fritz Leiber.
  2. From MarcL: "Pohl/Kornbluth (the unforgettable "Mute Inglorious Tam" which I cannot find anthologized anywhere damn it)"
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