Thursday, December 3, 2009

Samuel Mines (ed)'s "Wonder Story Annual", Vol 2 No 1 (1953 Edition) (reprint anthology, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover image of science fiction reprint anthology titled Wonder Story Annual, Vol 2 No 1,1953 Edition, edited by Samuel MinesScans of the book are available at Crosseyed Cyclops as a CBR file.

Table of contents (7 stories, best first, unread last).

Links on author, publisher, year, or theme fetch more matching fiction. My rating is in brackets. Where I'm aware of alternate download links, I provide them too with the story.
  1. [novelet] Henry Kuttner's "Call Him Demon" (A); download; Thrilling Wonder Stories, Fall 1946; haunted house: Little child "beats" the ghost!
  2. [novelet] Robert A Heinlein's "Jerry is a Man" (A); Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1947; human rights: A woman's fight for justice for "sub humans".
  3. [ss] Isaac Asimov's "Christmas on Ganymede" (A); Startling Stories, January 1942; humor: Ganymedian natives want their humans employers to arrange a Santa Claus' visit to natives too!
  4. [ss] Ray Bradbury's "The Irritated People" (B); Thrilling Wonder Stories, December 1947; human vanity: In a war of nerves, the ultimate weapon is something that attacks the enemy's vanity - physical features that contribute to youthful appearance.
  5. [ss] Fredric Brown's "Nothing Sirius" (B); Captain Future, Spring 1944; first contact: Adventure on an alien world.
  6. [novel] Jack Williamson's "Gateway to Paradise" (B); Startling Stories, July 1941:; doomsday: When British militarily attacked US...
  7. [ss] Samuel Mines' "Find the Sculptor" (B); Thrilling Wonder Stories, Spring 1946; time travel: Description of a time travel paradox.
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